Mary Michele Hudson, Esq.


Attorney Mary Michele Hudson founded Maverick Law LLC., following a decade of providing forensic social work and paralegal services in the criminal defense and family law fields.  Attorney Hudson has also served as a Court Appointed Capital Mitigation Specialist in death penalty cases for the State of Florida.  As a life long advocate for at risk families, Attorney Hudson understands that criminal arrests and family law issues commonly effect the entire family and not just the individual parties named in the subject legal proceedings. 


Family focus, constant communication and collaborative problem solving are therefore the hallmark of Attorney Hudson's client representation.  While aggressive in the court room, Attorney Hudson also holds a Master's Degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution and has the experience necessary to negotiate the very best outcome for your case; often saving you time and money and relieving both you and your family of the trmendous stress commonly associated with prolonged litigation.  So if you've been arrested or need legal help with a family law issue or both, call Attorney Hudson anytime for a free consultation.  As always, Attorney Hudson considers your best interests priority number one.